Go Liliana, Go!

Whether your child is going to be the next Bruno Mars or JoJo Siwa, the importance of music education for kids has proven to result in a variety of benefits in their development. When a child learning how to play an instrument, he or she has to tap into multiple skill sets, often simultaneously. Some benefits of music education for kids include: language development, increased IQ, increased brain functions, increased memory, improvement in motor skill and much more. Today, we are highlighting Liliana and her parents, Diego and Randa Napoles. They graciously let us into their lives for a brief moment, to capture their love for music with the RM Jammer. Website: www.rallymates.com IG: www.instagram.com/rallymates_ Contact: [email protected] Music: Basketliners by Blue Dot Sessions Brought to you by RallyMates.

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