Pitch the Brands: Inventions to Watch, and The Grand Prize Winner

Pitch the Brands, in partnership with InventHelp, gives inventors the chance to gain firsthand insight on their invention from an executive panel of product experts and thought leaders. Chosen applicants had their product revealed to a live online audience and panel of judges during the Pitch the Brands session during day four of Licensing Week Virtual.

The panel’s experts included host Ronny Smith, managing director, InventHelp-Intromark; Robert Yusim, president, Product Counsel; Michael Miller, director of product partnerships, Danco, LSP Companies, NCH Corporation; and Tracy Metro, host, Netflix’s “House Doctor” and dozens of infomercials.


“It has been a pleasure to continue to work alongside Anna Knight and her team at the Global Licensing Group on Pitch the Brands in support of the inventor community, and by extension, the licensing industry,” says Smith. “We are proud of be a part of Pitch the Brands at Licensing Week Virtual, the sophistication and speed at which the contest and event itself were pulled together in a digital environment is truly a testament to unwavering support the Global Licensing Group, Licensing International, and supporting brands have for our creative industry.”

The following companies were chosen as nominees for the contest;

  • Imaskination: A mask company focused on getting young children to wear their masks by using a personalization system that lets them dress up as their favorite characters
  • The Spice Device: A spice measuring and dispersing system that prevents home chefs from having to go deep in the container of flour, sugar or any spice.
  • The Last Drop, The Last Bit: A device that will get the last drop out of any household container by allowing it to be propped up upside down.
  • Loom Gift Notes;  A personalized gift note system that makes sending online gifts more unique.
  • Derob Notebooks: A fully customizable notebook with options including phone holders and a pop-out football game.
  • RallyMates: A portable mini drum made for sports fans to keep cheering going.
  • The Gentle Soother: A bouncing chair that works to soothe baby with gentle motion.
  • Lux Button: A personalized button that can promote insignias, brand logos and more all the while decorating your outfit.
  • Hood Buddie: A hoodie that can adhere to your head, creating an airtight seal to keep the wearer warm.

Out of this year’s nominees, The Gentle Soother, was 2020’s winner.

Designers Adam and Misty Fyffe designed product which they say works like a dream and helped naptime went from an hour-long event to ten minutes of bouncing.

The grand prize package includes a one-on-one consultation package with the panel judges, worth more than $1,500.

To watch the contest unfold on-demand be sure to register for Licensing Week Virtual