Travis Collins COO of RallyMates Commemorates Juneteenth as a Black Business Owner

LOS ANGELES, June 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — RallyMates is more than a musical instrument, but it is a brand meant to unite people and bring them together.  The brand is one that gives individuals, young and old, a means to express themselves away from their phones and apps.  Most importantly, the RallyMates Jammer is an affordable and accessible instrument meant for the expression of every person’s inner Child.  It is a drum that can galvanize the lackluster sport’s club fan, be the first drumbeat of an emerging artist, or even resound the cries of protest.

“You have to decide who you are and force the world to deal with you, not with its idea of you,” said the late James Baldwin.  RallyMates aspires to embody the wisdom of such leaders, to encourage conversations and push forward a brand that acknowledges people and their experiences.  Social media platforms provide a means of connection, but they do not establish the human connection found in gathering together.  The drum is a means of breaking that barrier, to bring down walls and encourage dialogue and provide a platform for expressing a voice for those who need it.

On this, Juneteenth, RallyMates acknowledges the on-going struggles of the black community as well as other marginalized groups. As a brand, RallyMates is committed to being a diverse and conscious ambassador to its clients and affiliates.  Given the divisive political climate, RallyMates would be remiss if it did not acknowledge the importance of racial justice and equality.  As a platform for musical expression and for sport events, a drum becomes more than an instrument, but comes to represents ideas, hopes, and even dreams.  As a brand, RallyMates is committed to inclusivity and will always stand by these principles.   

The RallyMates drum is an affordable instrument that is ergonomically designed to unleash a person’s artistic voice.  As a rally drum, it provides sports fanatics an avenue to channel their team spirit and loyalty.  Moreover, RallyMates is a brand cognizant of its time and place in the world.  RallyMates remains resolute in its commitment to inclusivity and acknowledging the voices and struggles of communities in need.  As the company moves forward, it acknowledges that we must move forward with those communities in mind, for they too are our communities, and their voices demand a platform.

Trav Collins is the Co-Founder of “RallyMates” RallyMates created the RM Jammer a portable hand drum. Each Jammer is made from a seamless lightweight, synthetic shell material, its patent pending portability allows fans to clip the Jammer to their belt loop using a carabineer or use a shoulder strap.

About RallyMates

Established in 2018, Our mission is to connect fans from every walk of life to come together and GET LOUD. RallyMates provides people with a unifying sound to enhance any event. Our goal is to give fans a way to engage with each other at any event by giving them the tools to celebrate their passion.

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